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A Pilsner is a light lager beer, ranging from pale straw to golden colored, with a distinctly hoppy aroma and crisp finish.

Miller Lite
Miller High Life
Miller Genuine Draft
Coors Light

Wheats and Hefes

Hefe (yeast) Weiss (wheat) beer is an unfiltered beer with a lightly hopped flavor and cloudy appearance. These beers have a fruity, banana aroma with a touch of clove.

Blue Moon
Boulevard Wheat

India Pale Ales

Paler, stronger and more bitter than pale ales, India Pale Ale flavors balance between plenty of malt and hops and typically end with a dry, citrus finish.

Lucky Bucket IPA


Lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeast that work slowly in cool temperatures, then are often stored in cool temperatures to mature.  This process allows for other flavors to pull through for a variety of styles and tastes.

Lucky Bucket


Amber Ales are medium bodied with a full finish. This style has a good balance of malt and hops, and a flavor profile that ranges from nutty to caramel and wheat bread.

Killians Irish Red


Belgian Ales can range in flavor from sweet to toasty, and mild to intense. Some tend toward a fresh fruit-forward aroma, while others present earthy and grainy aromas.

Lucky Bucket Certified Evil

Porters and Stouts

These beers range from creamy to roasty, with caramel and subtle hops. Porters are well balanced with a full mouth feel and creamy finish, while stouts have a light mouth feel and a dry or sweet finish.

Zipline Oatmeal Porter

Seasonal Drafts

Empyrean Seasonal
Empyrean Seasonal
Empyrean Seasonal
Seasonal beers offered at our downtown Lincoln NE restaurant are subject to change.


Sam Adams Angry Orchard
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